Achieve a Winning Tennis Mind

So you want to improve the mental aspect of your game? Welcome. A winning tennis mind can be achieved by anyone, but like everything in tennis, it takes practice.

Pete Sampras won in the mind
Have you noticed that good players are almost equal in physical, technical and tactical abilities? Yet only a few of them are winners.

In tennis, mastery of the mind is the crucial factor that tips the balance in favor of the winner. For, as Pete Sampras used to say: "You need the game, you need the heart, and you need the mind."

Everyone who ever played the game of tennis has experienced psychological problems. Even just practicing or learning to play involves certain mental challenges.

But tennis competition is hardest on the mind.

The mental challenges often begin with pre-match anxiety. They continue with various emotional ups and downs during the match, like going from a bad mood, losing focus and feeling frustrated ... to being anxious, nervous and angry.

Players "lose" themselves in the emotional storms of the mind and play tennis well below their potential.

I've been through the lengthy process of learning the hard way through losses and wins, and I have also been a tennis coach and a mental training coach for the last 10 years.

Tennis is my passion.

Through this website I offer you my experience and my expertise in this game. I've found a way to freedom in tennis competition and am happy to share that with you.

There are many reasons why tennis is so mentally challenging. Therefore, to play winning tennis, your knowledge must be broad and thorough. offers you a wealth of free information on different aspects of the game.

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Win More Matches When It Matters Most

Most tennis matches are decided not by a better stroke but by a better tactical play and by a stronger mind.

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